Two-Tier Wage System?

18 Sep

As you can see on this link, the US is looking to reinvigorate its depressed jobs market by allowing the Big 3 car makers to employ new workers for $14.00 per hour, whilst veteran workers earn twice that amount. Even at this rate, employers received 100,000 applications.

Australia has wage issues of its own. The mining boom (with all of its attached wage rise complications) has drawn some of the best talent to work in rural Australia, whilst sapping the balance of the economy of labour. Wages in many fields have risen, although manufacturing jobs have been steadily going by the wayside.

Instead of a rise in unemployment, all we are going to see is a shift in the patterns of employment. Mining is going to be the major beneficiary, yet wages will not shift at all, even after the influx of new miners.

The question still remains, of how someone earning $560.00 per week can afford to look after a family. I am not fully aware of the total cost of living in Michigan but I’m sure that making ends meet would be hard at that income level. Still, beggars can’t be choosers.


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